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Why choose unlimited monthly WordPress support

Use your time

Grow your business while we secure & develop your site.

Save your money

Forget a high-priced programmer. With no hidden costs, reinvest money back in your business.

Delegate easily

Finally relax with unlimited tasks, regular backups & updates.

Lead by example

Optimize your site to bring more customers and build eco-friendly brand.

Quick start in 4 simple steps

1. Choose your plan

Decide which plan suits you best.

2. Connect

Share your email – we’ll get in touch within 4 hours.

3. All on board

Meet the team to understand perfectly how we work.

4. Let’s start

Your tasks are now our tasks – everything in 24 hours.

So, how do we make your work easier?


We respond within 4 hours and we’re able to fix most requests in 8.


It usually takes up to 30 minutes to solve your problem by our expert.


We keep backups for up to 90 days, always ready to be restored on the same day, if necessary.


We hunt for vulnerabilities, continuously monitor your site for indications of compromise to prevent serious threats.


Core & plugins updates are the first layer of security to prevent breaches.


We make sure your website is accessible to your customers. If it isn't, we take action.


To help you understand traffic trends better so we can react early to insufficient server resources.


Get recommendations on sustainable hosting running on renewable energy.

Choose a plan that suits your needs

  • E-commerce

    For shop owners running efficient and secure online business.



  • Unlimited support tasks

    Daily backups

    Updates every two weeks

    Security package

    24/7 Website availability monitoring

    Restoring page after attack and counteracting another

    WooCommerce support

    Measuring and reporting traffic

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  • Basic

    For bloggers, smal enterprises and people who need support in running a website.



  • Unlimited support tasks

    Weekly backups

    Monthly updates

    24/7 Website availability monitoring

  • Choose Basic Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is unlimited support even possible?

Most tasks can be resolved by WordPress experts very quickly. Our team handles things like adding content, installing plugins or themes, adjusting CSS, HTML, and Javascript in under 30 minutes.

There is no limit to the number of tasks. Please submit one request at a time so that we can process it as fast as possible. Experience shows that our clients are honest, rational and willing to cooperate in this way.

Additionally, we are available 24/7 to react in unexpected situations, usually within 4 hours.

If you are interested, check what kind of tasks you can outsource to us within the unlimited support. Click here.

What are your hours and response time?

We’re happy to get to know your working system and try to find mutual solutions. Knowing your working hours allows us to be more available at this time. You can expect us to receive and start working on your task in 8 hours maximum. Usually much, much faster 🙂

How long does a task take to complete?

Our aim is to complete each task within 8 hours. Usually, it happens much faster. If we consider a specific task as urgent, we fully focus on it.

What communication and reporting can I expect?

We communicate fast and give you detailed information on what are the next steps with each task you request.

Additionally, in the E-commerce plan, we report traffic trends, the number of unique users or subscribers.

This allows you to measure your growth, react early to insufficient server resources.

What happens if my website gets hacked?

The moment we start working together, we make sure to create backups of a clean site. When website gets hacked, we can easily reconstruct it from that copy.

That is the biggest advantage of manual backups – we choose what is the best moment to take a snapshot (a picture of all the data).


Let WordPress experts improve your website while you focus on business growth.

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