Definitely more than basic support

The Basic plan

$99 per website, billed monthly
No hidden costs  •  Opt out at any time  •  30 day money back guarantee.

Do what you do best and leave us the rest


We are always available to deal with regular, mundane tasks & unexpected improvements.

Weekly Backups

The foundation of uninterrupted operation. Weekly backups give you a piece of mind if anything happens.

Monthly Updates

Prevent breaches proactively by updating WordPress core and plugins done each month.

24/7 website monitoring

Making sure your website is accessible 24/7 for your customers. If not, we take action.

This plan will cover the needs of:

  • Content marketing sites
  • Brochure/info websites
  • Solopreneurs’ blogs
  • Sites with a moderate number of dynamic elements

WordPress is simple again

Imagine your website under the care of experienced developers, so you can do your thing.


Unlimited number of technical support tasks

  • The WordPress experts team is available 24/7 to handle almost any request which takes up to 30 minutes.
  • This includes adding content, installing plugins or themes, customizing CSS, HTML and JavaScript, and more.
  • Quick response & action – up to 8h. Usually much faster.
  • Submit one request at a time so that we can process it as fast as possible. Experience    shows that our clients are honest, rational and willing to cooperate in this way.


  • Weekly backups allow us to quickly restore your site to the state before the attack or unwanted changes.
  • A copy of the entire page is stored on an external server.
  • Database copy is being made regardless of the content, i.e. photos and php files.


  • Updates are necessary for a stable and secured site. Current plugins and core often improve performance and contain bug fixes.
  • The basic package includes an update of the WordPress core and plug-ins.
  • Also included: corrections in site’s code that are required after the update, if they fit in 30 min of experts work, like bug fixes.

Website availability monitoring

  • Regular checking whether your website is available to customers on the Internet – 24/7, in real time.
  • Accessibility is an essential element for online stores and creating a stable brand on the Internet.

Also included – just because we care

  • Security audit and securing the website. This is one of the first activities we perform before monthly support.

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We do all that's hard

Just imagine: your website under the care of experienced developers, so you can do your thing.