WooCommerce support that helps you scale your store

The E-commerce plan

$245 per website, monthly
No hidden costs  •  Opt out at any time  •  30 day money back guarantee.

Do what you do best and leave us the rest


We are always available to deal with regular, mundane tasks & unexpected improvements.

WooCommerce support

A shop owner’s ease of mind. Get help with the most common tasks when running an e-commerce site.

Traffic reports

Regular reports on user traffic and trends for fast adaptation of server resources.

24/7 website monitoring

Making sure your website is accessible 24/7 for your customers. If not, we take action.

This plan will cover the needs of:

  • Websites of well-established businesses
  • E-commerce sites of various sizes
  • Sellers with a fair amount of products.
  • Dynamic sites

Support team you can trust

Running a high-performing e-commerce business is already hard. Outsource technicalities, so you can focus on selling.


Unlimited number of technical support tasks

  • The WordPress experts team is available 24/7 to handle almost any request which takes up to 30 minutes.
  • This includes adding content, installing plugins or themes, customizing CSS, HTML and JavaScript, and more.
  • Quick response & action – up to 8h. Usually much faster.
  • Submit one request at a time so that we can process it as fast as possible. Experience    shows that our clients are honest, rational and willing to cooperate in this way.

WooCommerce Support

  • Whether it’s a small design change, product page feature, marketing enhancement or a scary-looking error message, our WooCommerce Support experts are here to help.
  • The fastest turnaround times guarantee an always-available shop to your customers.

Measuring and reporting traffic

  • We choose and install a tool to monitor user traffic and behavior (Google analytics / HotJar). Thanks to this, you can observe traffic trends, the number of unique users or subscribers.
  • Every month we deliver the report straight to your email.
  • Measuring and observing trends allows you to react early to insufficient server resources.

Security package

  • Regular scanning will allow us to react quickly before adverse code spreads all over the site and other pages on the same server.
  • A proactive approach to vulnerabilities includes: current security patches, attack monitoring and firewall.
  • After identifying the adverse code, we discuss the best way to remove it.


  • Daily backups allow us to quickly restore your site to the state before the attack or unwanted changes.
  • A copy of the entire page is stored on an external server.
  • Database copy is being made regardless of the content, i.e. photos and php files.


  • Updates are necessary for a stable and secured site. Current plugins and core often improve performance and contain bug fixes.
  • The premium package includes an update of the WordPress core, graphic template and plug-ins.
  • Also included: corrections in site’s code that are required after the update, if they fit in 30 min of experts work, like bug fixes in the graphic template and plugins.

Website availability monitoring

  • Regular checking whether your website is available to customers on the Internet – 24/7, in real time.
  • Accessibility is an essential element for online stores and creating a stable brand on the Internet.

Restoring page after attack and counteracting the next

It is mathematically impossible to stop 100% of cyber threats from damaging your site.

  • With proactive approach – we react quickly by restoring your site.
  • Next, WordPress security experts hunt for vulnerabilities, continuously monitor your site for indications of compromise, and patch possible security leaks.

Also included – just because we care

  • Security audit and securing the website. This is one of the first activities we perform before monthly support.

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Support made for growth

Imagine your website under the care of experienced developers, so you can focus on selling.